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Migration season

One of the best time to observe migration has started. One interesting point which is not well known is Es Carnatge, in Palma Bay. In the last years it has been seen that it’s an important point where observe flocks of ducks, passerine, raptors and waders arriving to Mallorca, and  flocks of Cory’s and Balearic … Continue reading

New Year New Blog

When 2013 is just ending, Balears Wildlife renews its image, now more natural and fresh, but carries on with its projects and hope for the 2014. So, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Venturous New Year, full of happiness, employment and projects to do.

Breeding season and postbreeding migration

   At the beginning of August, when almost all fledglings are already trying to find food by themselves, postbreeding migration has started.  Fledgling of Blue Rock Thrush waiting for its parents   The first ones to prepare their voyage are Swallows, Martins and Swifts. But also Waders have already begun their journey to Africa. The … Continue reading

Birdwatching in April and May

These two months are extremely good for birdwatchers. April and May are best months to observe the pre-breeding migration and  breeding species, so some of us haven’t missed the opportunity to go birding and enjoy these moments. A good advice is to go birding after a storm. Birds should stop and wait for better weather, … Continue reading

Bird Pictures: Lupe Suárez
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